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Photo Gallery

This page has Many different Sullivan Pictures of Family.  I want to get as much on here as possible.  I have unlimited web space so If you have one you'd like me to put up here send it to me.

These images are Thumb nailed. (Meaning that they are smaller pictures of the Originals)  Just Click on the Thumb nailed picture and it will give you the Larger original Image. (Hint: If you right click on the Image you can choose the "OPEN IN NEW WINDOW" Option)

I Believe this is a graduation Picture of Danny Sullivan In 1960

This was such a great Picture I couldn't resist scanning it and putting it up here. Grandpa purchased his first NEW Car in the early 60's

Fred Sullivan

Great Grandma And Grandpa Sullivan 1966

1973 Picture from the Cottage of Marc and Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan

1978 Sullivan Christmas

1978 Sullivan Christmas

Kathy Sullivan High School Pic

Sandy Sullivan (Jankowski) High School Pic

Not Sure of the Year put it was definitely in the mid 40's

Excellent Picture of Irene Kovolich and Frederick Sullivan

Wedding Picture

Roland, Francis and Frederick

Frederick Edward Sullivan Army Picture.

Roland Sullivan and Ruth Hornby Wedding Picture

I'm working on getting a better picture of William Roger Sullivan

Edward Aldophous Sullivan with his daughter, Lillian Rose Sullivan (McCourt). It was probably taken in the 1890's

James McDermott

Married to Sullivan

Lillian, Minnie, Edward, Frank (center), William Roger Sullivan

Platoon Photo with

William Roger Sullivan

John Konomon and

Neil A. Dewar b. 8 Apr 1875 -- CN d. 21 Jan. 1944

Flint High School Class of 1897

There's a Sullivan in here somewhere.

Frederick R Sullivan

William Roger Sullivan Late teens early 20's

Edward S. Lee

Was a Captain