Stanley JankowskiSophie Leszczynska

Joseph Jankowski.

l i n k s
Children with:
Mary Janczarek

Theodore Joseph Jankowski
Leo Jankowski
Stanley. Jankowski
Casimir Jankowski
Edward Jankowski
Joseph Jankowski.
  • Born: 18 Sep 1894 1892, Chambersburg WV GIEPSIE coal
  • Married to Mary Berzing (sp)?
  • Married to Mary Janczarek
  • Died: 26 May 1968, Detroit, Abby Nursing Home

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    Eastern Part of Poland is what we where always told.

    1920 Census also says he's 28 which would put him born in 1892 not 1894?

    Immigrated in 1910 1920 census says He was Born in Poland but doesn't say for sure if he was Naturalised or Alien It just has a Pa in that column (I'm assuming that means from Pennsylvannia Possibly fitting into the Born in Chambersburg (boy those census takers where really on the ball)

    DATE OF DEATH: May 26, 1968 COUNTY OF DEATH: Macomb
    West Virginia Chambersburg WV GILLESPIE coal Mine Sept 1894

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