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Manilla ( aka, Minnie, Wanza, Maine. malada) Alley

l i n k s
Children with:
George Kincaid

Elizabeth Kathleen (betty) McCloud
Howard McCloud
Herbert Ishmael Likens
Virginia Inez Likens

Shannon Kincaid
Manilla ( aka, Minnie, Wanza, Maine. malada) Alley
  • Born: 1899, Bluefield WV Mercer
  • Married to Andy Lambdin
  • Married to George Kincaid

    pict161.jpg [179x193]
    Mercer County Bluefeild West Virgina (assuming because of census records.)
    Also when Betty passed away her married name was
    Wanza Lambdien
    And she lived in noVato California according to Betty's obituary

    Her birthdate on her tombstone is inccorrect.
    Manilla/Maine/Waza, etc. gravestone says "Wanza M. Lambdin June 23, 1902"--it has no death date. Now it says she was born in 1902 but she is on th 1900 census. Her husband Andy Lambdin is buried beside her and his stone says he was boarn July 25, 1902--maybe she didn't want to be 2 years older than Andy.

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