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Herbert Ishmael Likens
  • Born: 09 Apl 1910, Bluefeild West Virgina
  • Died: 10 Sep 1933
  • Occupation: Hobo
  • Reference: 1910 Census

    Wasn't even 1/2 years old for the 1910 and that listed him as Herbert Lewis Likens

    His gravestone which reads Herbert Ishmael son of J.L. & Nannie B. Likens - Apr 9, 1910 - Sept 10, 1933.

    Herbert Ishmael ("Doc").

    Herbert was killed while "hoboing" on a train in 1933 at age 23. I believe he was crushed between cars. He is buried in Vinton, VA in the same section as Nannie Bell and Wanza

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