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Children with:
Nannie Bell Anderson
Almira (Myra) Freese

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Elizabeth Kathleen (betty) McCloud
Howard McCloud
John McCloud
Enos B McCloud
  • Born: Jan 1865, Hiatsville, Louisville, Lewisville Ohio or Kentucky in two different census??
  • Married 07 Feb 1903, Mercer County, Bluefield West Virginia Register in Courthouse Mercer County - Register Number 2 - Pa, to Nannie Bell Anderson
  • Married to Almira (Myra) Freese
  • Died: 18 Jun 1921, Columbus ohio
  • Reference: Marriage License and Census reocrds do not Jive even with each other.

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    We have a Marriage license only the application from the county shows him born in Louisville Ky. I believe this to inncorrect.
    According to the 1910 Census for his Children it says he was born in Ohio and in the 1920 it says West Virginia (As Father's Birth Place) and then the only Howard McCloud I could find in the census in 1920 says His father was born in Ohio and Mother in Spain (We believe Nannie was American Indian. Esp. if you had seen photo's of Betty McCloud and Grandma Margaret had said this many times when I was a kid) The Howard I found in 1920 was in the Army at that time this was the only match we could find for a Howard McCloud in 1920. So I don't know the Politics of BEING or NOT BEING American Indian at that time. (or maybe he just didn't know as Enos Split Soon after they where married. My feeling is that He left Nannie when he was in his early teens to live with his father. (Nannie always said her prior husbands were deceased but we've found that to not always be true.) The other option was as the story goes in the family that he went out west. But all attempts to find him shortly after he left, came up empty.

    This is from the General Index of Marriages - Mercer County Courthouse.
    Date Feb 7th 1903 McCloud Enos B to Nannie B Alley Page 160 Line 19
    From the record book/Register Enos B McCloud, Nannie B Alley, His age 38 Her age 25 Listed him place of Birth Louisville Ky and Her as Born Summers County Va Place Mercer county. William H and Elizabeth (R?) McCloud where present for the Marriage. William McCloud was the one who filled out the information for the Marriage License for Enos B. and Nannie B. Alley (Anderson) He Listed Enos's Occupation as a Machinist. P. A. Anthony performed the ceremony and this was entered into the Index on Feb 5th 03.
    Both Listed as Widowed. The Link to Family Search is for 1880 Census in which there is an Enos B McCloud With a Mother and Father of the correct names and He is the Correct age.

    In defense of My Theory In seems that Every Where that William McCloud lived according to the Census that was where he was born. So I'm assuming that the Census information for Birthplace of anyone is probably incorrect.

    New Theory: Enos Was Born in ohio but In Louisville Oh or Lewisville oh as both Exisited at that time though not Officially as those names But soon after his birth. And possibly the County Clerk Assumed louisville KY nd never even thought it was Lousiville or Lewisville Ohio. As there were two Lewisvilles in 1865.

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