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James MC DERMOTT b: November 1835 in Rochester, NY d: in Flint, Genesee Co., MI Occupation 1: 1915 Livery, 209 E. Kearsley Occupation 2: Bet. 1880 - 1915 Keeps Livery 1880 Census

Need to double check this information as it was taken out of the Local Newspapers . Two different sources show him born in Wisconsin. (That are not, Poorly done Censuses)

April 29, 1916 ---- The Flint Journal
James McDermott, 81 yrs. old for many years proprietor of livery stables in Flint and known throughout the state as a horseman, died at 1 o'clock this morning at his home, 209 E. Kearsley Street. He had been in ill health for the last two years following a fall, when his arm was broken near the shoulder. The fracture was not serious as the bone telescoped and practically reset itself, but the shock together with the infirmities of age gradually weakened relapsing into a sleep from which he never awaken.
Of Late years, Mr. McDermott's livery business had grown quite small, but many years ago it was one of the largest in Flint. The stables stood on the site of the present Ford garage and previous to that on the site now occupied by the Flint Journal building. Mr. McDermott was from boyhood a great lover of horses and became known as a horse trader throughout a great section of the country. In the earlier days of Flint, horse traders from all over the state made his livery barns their rendezvous.