James McDermott and Edward Lee
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The Flint Journal - 04/25/58

Once dwelling of prominent attorney

Partially Hidden Home Going

One of Flintís older residences largely hidden by commercial structures is disappearing with these buildings.  And with it goes another reminder of Flintís early days.

The former brick home is being torn down along with the buildings at 209 and 211 E. Kearsley.  They housed the Kearsley Street book & Hobby Shop and White Sales Co. respectfully.  The land will be used for a parking lot.

Once the home of Edward S. Lee a prominent Flint Attorney a half a century ago, most of the brick house has been masked by the Palace Theater on one side and two stores at its front.  The upper story and part of the lower floor were used for apartments.

Some Flint businessmen will remember when there were spacious around the old home.  John  L. Pierce, secretary treasurer of Windiate-Pierce Davison Co., said he remembered the home from when he was a lad.  There was nothing where the Palace now stands.

Across Harrison Street was the James McDermott feed stable at 129 E. Kearsley.  Several stores have now replaced it.  As he recalls, Pierce says there was another livery stable across Kearsley from McDermott's.  The Reid Hotel and various stores now occupy the space.

Pierce said he believes Lee married McDermottís daughter, Carrie I.   Lee was with the law firm, Lee and (David D.) Aitken from about 1881 until he and his partner became associated with Charles H. Wisner in 1890 in the firm, Wisner, Lee & Aitken.  Their offices were in the McDermott  Block at 409 S. Saginaw St.  Wisner became a circuit judge in 1894.

After that Lee joined with James S. Parker in the firm of Lee & parker in the firm of Lee & parker and practiced until about 1917. He was assistant prosecuting attorney in 1910-12.  Lee lived first at 311 Harrison St. practically next door to the brick home at 209 Kearsley to which he moved in 1907.

This property, the palace Theater property and other downtown property now are part of the Lee estate.    His sons, James and Charles live in Tower and Detroit, respectively.