City Hotel
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Warranty Deed, Liber 54, Page 472. 26 July, 1866.


Electa M. 5coville to Hannah }1. McDermott of Rochester, NY for sum of 6,000.00


This Indenture made July 13, 1866 between Electa M. Scoville of City of Flint and Hannah M. McDermott of Rochester, NY.

To, Wit:

Ail that piece of parcel of land 30 ft and 2 in off the S side of Lot 4 and

2 ft 10 in of the N side of Lot 5 in Blk A being the land upon which the

City Hotel now stands. This includes 1/2 of the N and 1/2 of the S walls

of said City Hotel lately kept by W. R. Scoville. Also a piece of land bounded as follows: Commencing at the SW corner of Lot 15 in Blk A on First Street, running N along the E line of the Alley 102 ft and 6 in, thence at Right angles E 36 ft and 4 in, thence S 102 ft and 6 in to the N line of First Street, thence along the line of First Street, W 36 Feet and 4 in to the POB, being the land upon which part of the City Hotel barn now stands. All of which is in Blk. A, Vill of Flint River, now City of Flint, with the right of ingress and egress through Lot 13 in said Blk A for obtaining water for use of said house and barn for the term of 2 years from this date or as long as the party of the first part (Scoville) shall own said Lot 13, hereby assigns to Giles Bishop, his assigns and heirs the right to build and maintain on the S 2 in of the S line of the premises first described as a brick wall of any length or height he or they may choose but with right to party of the 2nd part (McDermott) his heirs and assigns to use said wall or any portion thereof by paying to said Bishop, his heirs or assigns for 1/2 its estimated value at the time of using the same. The party of the 2nd ? to pay all taxes to be hereafter collected and the taxes upon the personal property purchased form the party of the 1st part.


R.J.S. Page, Notary


Oscar Bradley, Witness