First Generation



1. John( Sir John of Wycombe) Alley (Allee).1,2,3,4 Born in 1460 in France.4,3,2,1 John( Sir John of Wycombe) died in England in 1506, he was 46.1,2,3,4



     2     i.     William (1483-1570)



Second Generation



2. William Alley (Allee).1,4,3,2 Born in 1483 in Great Wycomb,Buckingham,England.2,3,4,1 William died on 15 Apr 1570, he was 87.1,4,3,2



     3     i.     William (1510-1570)



Third Generation



3. Bishop William Alley (Allee).1,2,3,4 Born in 1510 in Buckingham,England.1,4,3,2 William died in London, England on 20 Apr 1570, he was 60.1,2,3,4


William married Sybil Bodleigh1,4,3,2. Born in 1515 in england.1,2,4 Sybil died  aft 1570, she was 55.1,4,2


They had the following children:

     4     i.     Roger (1535-1610)

          ii.     Jerome2,4. Born in 1540 in Devonshire,England.1,4,2 Jerome died in 1635, he was 95.1,2,4


         iii.     Austin1,4,2.


          iv.     Peter1,2,4. Born in 1564.4,2 Peter died in 1627, he was 63.2,4




Fourth Generation



4. Vicar Roger Alley (Allee).1,2,4 Born in 1535 in Devonshire,England.1,4,2 Roger died in 1610, he was 75.1,2,4



     5     i.     Jerome (1560-1635)



Fifth Generation



5. Jerome Alley (Allee).1,4,2 Born in 1560 in England.1,2,4 Jerome died in England in 1635, he was 75.1,4,2



     6     i.     Francis (1588-)

          ii.     Thomas. Born on 27 Nov 1581 in Oxon, Oxford,England.


         iii.     John H.. Born in 1590 in Oxon, Oxford,England.


          iv.     Philip. Born in 1594 in Oxon, Oxford,England.




Sixth Generation



6. Francis Alley (Allee).1,4,2 Born in 1588 in Oxon, Oxford,England.1,2,4


On 4 Jun 1611 when Francis was 23, he married Wealthian Snelling1, in Haberton,Devon,England. Born in 1590 in England. Wealthian died in Va.


They had the following children:

     7     i.     Thomas (1625-)

          ii.     Garcia1,4,2. Born in 1611 in Oxon, Oxford,England.1,2,4


         iii.     Christian4,2,1. Born in 1612 in Oxon, Oxford,England.1,2,4


          iv.     Ann4,2,1. Born in 1615 in Oxon, Oxford,England.1,2,4


           v.     Edward4,2,1. Born in 1620 in Oxon, Oxford,England.




Seventh Generation



7. Thomas Alley (Allee).1,2,4 Born in 1625 in England.4,2,1


Thomas married Martha Rutter1,2,4. Born in 1630 in England.4,2,1


They had the following children:

     8     i.     Thomas (1655-)

          ii.     Roger1,2,4. Born in 1660.4,2,1


         iii.     William Rutter1,2,4. Born in 1665.1,4,2 William Rutter died in 1718, he was 53.2,4,1


William Rutter married Dinah1.


          iv.     Authur1,4,2. Born in 1670.2,4,1


           v.     Anne1,4,2. Born in 1674.2,4,1


          vi.     Nicholas1,4,2. Born in 1676.1




Eighth Generation



8. Thomas Alley (Allee).1,2,4 Born in 1655 in Isle of Wight Co. England.1,4,2


In 1678 when Thomas was 23, he married Mary (Seward) Jennings1,2,4. Born in 1658 in Westmoreland, England.1,4,2


They had one child:

     9     i.     Thomas (1690-1765)



Ninth Generation



9. Thomas Alley (Allee).1,2,4 Born in 1690 in Henrico Co.,Va.1,4,2,1 Thomas died in Henrico Co.,Va. in Aug 1765, he was 75.1,1,2,4


Thomas married Francis Reavis1,4,2. Born in 1700 in Henrico Co.,Va.1,2,4 Francis died in va. in 1771, she was 71.1,4,2


They had the following children:

    10     i.     Thomas (1722-1780)

          ii.     Edmund/Edward. Born in 1725 in va.


         iii.     James L.. Born in 1728 in Va. James L. died in Va. in 1799, he was 71.


In 1750 when James L. was 22, he married Azby Christian, daughter of Sampson Charles Christian. Born in 1730 in Holland. Azby died in 1798, she was 68.


          iv.     David. Born in 1730 in Va.


David married Elizabeth Harrelson. Born in 1740 in va.


           v.     Mary. Born in 1733 in va. Mary died in va. in 1789, she was 56.


In 1753 when Mary was 20, she married Richard (Peter) Cottrell. Born in 1730.


          vi.     Dorcas. Born in 1735 in va.


In 1754 when Dorcas was 19, she married David Hall. Born in 1730 in va.




Tenth Generation



10. Thomas Alley (Allee).1,2,4 Born in 1722 in Va.1,4,2 Thomas died in S.C. in 1780, he was 58.1,2,4


Thomas married Jane Ealey4,2,1. Born in 1723.1


They had the following children:

    11     i.     Nicholas (1735-1808)

          ii.     Thomas. Born in 1745 in va.


In 1776 when Thomas was 31, he married Susannah Howerton.


         iii.     William. Born in 1745 in va.1 William died in va. in 1815, he was 70.1


William married Elizabeth.


          iv.     Samuel. Born in 1747 in va. Samuel died in tn. in 1836, he was 89.


           v.     Isaiah. Born in 1748 in va. Isaiah died in tn. in 1841, he was 93.


In 1775 when Isaiah was 27, he married Elizabeth Watkins. Born in 1757.


          vi.     David. Born in 1750 in va.


         vii.     Isham. Born in 1753 in va.


        viii.     Joseph. Born in 1756 in va.


          ix.     Cary. Born in 1760 in va.


In 1785 when Cary was 25, he married Mary Short. Born in 1768 in va.




Eleventh Generation



11. Nicholas Alley (Allee). Born on 1 May 1735 in va. Nicholas died in Montgomery Co.,Va. in Jun 1808, he was 73.


Nicholas first married Ann Stephens. Born in 1740 in va. Ann Stephens died in va. in 1793, she was 53.


They had the following children:

    12     i.     Jonathan Buford (1764-1842)

          ii.     David. Born on 25 Apr 1762 in Pittsylvania Co.Va. David died in California,Moniteau Co., Mo. on 3 Jan 1835, he was 72.


David married Charity Bybee.


         iii.     William. Born in 1770 in Franklin Co., Va. William died in Barren Co.,Ky in 1826, he was 56. Buried in Old Allee Cem.,Monroe Co., Ky.


William married Susan Bybee.


          iv.     Sarah. Born in 1756 in Va.


 bef 1807 when Sarah was 51, she first married Musgrove.


In 1808 when Sarah was 52, she second married John Stephens.


           v.     Jermina. Born in 1758 in Va.


On 31 Mar 1788 when Jermina was 30, she married John/Joseph Hays, in Franklin Co., Va.


          vi.     Keziah. Born in 1760 in Va.


On 21 Feb 1788 when Keziah was 28, she married Daniel C. Robbins, in Franklin Co., Va.



In 1794 when Nicholas was 58, he second married Mary Dennis, daughter of Joseph Dennis, in Montgomery Co.,Va. Born in 1776 in va. Mary died  bef 1880, she was 104.


They had the following children:

           i.     Nicholas. Born in 1798 in Va. Nicholas died in Fayette Co. Al. in 1848/1850, he was 50.


          ii.     Joseph. Born in 1802 in Montgomery Co.,Va. Joseph died in Ar./Tx.  aft 1870, he was 68.


Joseph married Hannah.


         iii.     Issac. Born in 1806 in Va. Issac died in Ar. on 3 Mar 1860, he was 54.


Issac first married Sarah Walden.


Issac second married Malinda Walters.


          iv.     Anne. Born in 1796 in Va.


           v.     Merry. Born in 1797/1799 in Va.


          vi.     Elizabeth. Born in 1800 in Montgomery Co.,Va. Elizabeth died  aft 1840, she was 40.


Elizabeth married Elisha Stover, in Lawrence Co.,Al.


         vii.     Hannah. Born in 1808 in Va.




Twelfth Generation



12. Jonathan Buford Alley(Allee). Born on 8 Jul 1764 in Pittsylvania Co.Va. Jonathan Buford died in Putnam Co.,In. in 1842, he was 77.


In 1787 when Jonathan Buford was 22, he married Mildred Lawrence, in Southhampton, Franklin Co.,Va. Born in 1769 in Va. Mildred died in Putnam Co.,In. in 1840, she was 71.


They had the following children:

    13     i.     David (1791-1871)

          ii.     William5. Born in 1789 in Franklin Co., Va. William died in Putnam Co.,In. in 1839, he was 50.


In 1809 when William was 20, he married Elizabeth Owen5, in Barren Co.,Ky.


         iii.     Merrill5. Born in 1790 in Franklin Co., Va.


In 1809 when Merrill was 19, he married Sally Stephens, in Barren Co.,Ky. Born in 1795.


          iv.     Ruth Ann5. Born in 1792 in Franklin Co., Va. Ruth Ann died in Va. in 1830, she was 38.


           v.     Joseph5. Born in 1794 in Franklin Co., Va. Joseph died in In. in 1864, he was 70.


          vi.     Mildred5. Born in 1799 in Franklin Co., Va. Mildred died in 1819, she was 20.


         vii.     Noah5. Born in 1809 in Barren Co.,Ky.5 Noah died in Putnam Co.,In. in Aug 1849, he was 40.5


        viii.     John5. Born in 1800/1809.5




Thirteenth Generation



13. David Alley.6,7,5 Born in 1791 in va.5 David died in Wythe Co. Va on 16 Jun 1871, he was 80.5


On 24 Dec 1811 when David was 20, he married Sarah Hammond, daughter of Hammond & Nancy Norris, in Wythe Co.,Va. Born in 1797. Sarah died in Wythe Co., Va. on 21 Jul 1885, she was 88.


They had the following children:

    14     i.     William Asa (1823-)

          ii.     Elizabeth5. Born in 1824 in Va.5


         iii.     Leonard5,6. Born in 1828 in va.5 Buried in White top Cem.,Carroll Co. Va.8,9


In Jul 1850 when Leonard was 22, he married Nancy Alley6,5.9 Born in 1836.5


          iv.     Nancy5,6. Born in 1830 in va.5


In 1848 when Nancy was 18, she married Smith King5. Born in 1825.5


           v.     Jane6,5. Born in 1834 in va.5


          vi.     Hezekiah5,6. Born in 1843 in va.6,5 Buried in White top Cem.,Carroll Co. Va.8


In 1863 when Hezekiah was 20, he married Jane Sisk5,9.9,8 Born in 1845.


         vii.     Sarah5,6. Born in 1815.


        viii.     John6,5. Born in 1816.5,6


    15    ix.     Crockett (1820-1880)

           x.     Mary5,6. Born in 1826.6,5


On 26 Jun 1842 when Mary was 16, she married William Ireland5.5


          xi.     Charles William5,6. Born on 23 Dec 1847.6,5 Charles William died on 4 Feb 1937, he was 89.6,5


In 1867 when Charles William was 19, he married Luanna Cox5.




14th Generation



14. William Asa Alley.1,6,7,10,11,12,5 Born in 1823 in Virginia.1,11,6,10,5 Occupation: farmer.11


On 11 Jan 1844 when William Asa was 21, he married Angeline Hedrick11,10,1, daughter of John Hedrick & Elizabeth Hoppess, in Tazewell Co. Va.1,11,13 Born in 1827 in Tazewell Va.10 Angeline died in tazewell Va. in 1900, she was 73.10


They had the following children:

    16     i.     James W. (1861-1930)

          ii.     Harriett. Born in 1844 in virginia. Harriett died in Prestonsburg, Ky. in 1924, she was 80.


    17   iii.     Mary L. (1850-)

          iv.     Joseph10. Born in 1850 in virginia. Joseph died in 1850 in Tazewell Va.


           v.     John Wesley. Born in 1869 in virginia. John Wesley died in Nickelville,Ky. in 1930, he was 61.


In 1887 when John Wesley was 18, he married Mary E. Nuckles, in Tazewell Va. Born on 9 Aug 1865 in Tazewell Va.



15. Crockett Alley.6,5,9 Born in 1820 in Wythe/Grayson Co. Va.5,6 Crockett died in 1880-1900, he was 60.6,5 Buried in white top Cem.,Carroll Co. Va.8,9


Crockett first married Patsey Pickett5.


They had one child:

           i.     James Pickett5.



On 24 Sep 1840 when Crockett was 20, he second married Jane Spencer, in grayson Co.,Va.9 Born in 1826.


They had the following children:

           i.     Eliza J.. Born in 1841. Eliza J. died in 1853, she was 12.


          ii.     Matilda Sarah. Born in 1845.


         iii.     Mary. Born on 6 Jun 1846. Mary died in Wythe Co.,Va. on 2 Mar 1899, she was 52.


          iv.     Charles C.. Born in 1852.


On 17 Apr 1887 when Charles C. was 35, he married Sarah Sexton.




15th Generation



16. James W. Alley.1,14,15 Born in 1861.9 James W. died in 1930, he was 69.9 Buried in Maplewood Cem.Tazewell,Va.


In 1880 when James W. was 19, he married Viola Josephine Nuckles15,1,10,14,15, daughter of James Harvey Nuckles & Emerine Terry, in virginia. Born on 1 Dec 1860 in Burkes Garden Tazewell,Va.10,15,14,1 Viola Josephine died in 1944, she was 83.1,10


They had the following children:

    18     i.     Hattie (1897-1942)

          ii.     Charles W.. Born in 1889 in virginia. Charles W. died in kentucky in 1958, he was 69. Buried in davidson mem. garden,Ivel,Ky.


Charles W. married Emma Weddington. Born in 1895. Emma died in 1971, she was 76.


    19   iii.     Angie (1885-1954)

    20    iv.     Bertha (1891-1981)

    21     v.     Thomas H. (1892-1962)

          vi.     James1,14,15. Born in 1894 in Virginia.9,15,14,10 James died in Kentucky in 1971, he was 77.9 Buried in davidson mem. garden,Ivel,Ky.


James married Ada Scutchfield1,10. Born in 1897. Ada died on 14 Nov 1992, she was 95.


    22   vii.     Bessie (1895-1988)

        viii.     George. Born in 1904 in Kentucky.14,10 George died in West Virginia in 1966, he was 62.



17. Mary L. Alley. Born in 1850 in virginia.


On 8 Dec 1868 when Mary L. was 18, she married Daniel Boone Harmon, son of Elias Vance Harmon & Sarah Ann (Sally) McGuire, in Tazewell Va. Born on 15 Sep 1846 in Tazewell Va.16 Daniel Boone died on 21 Sep 1916, he was 70.16


They had the following children:

           i.     Lydia17.


          ii.     Grover17.


         iii.     Doak17.


          iv.     Jane (Jennie) Belle. Born on 1 Oct 1869 in Tazewell Va. Jane (Jennie) Belle died in Scioto Oh. on 21 Mar 1931, she was 61.


On 11 Mar 1889 when Jane (Jennie) Belle was 19, she married Thomas Lincoln Watson17, in Tazewell Va.17 Born on 5 May 1860 in Carol,Tazewell Co. Va.17 Thomas Lincoln died in Rarden,Scioto Co. Oh. on 2 Aug 1941, he was 81.17


           v.     Nichath (Nick)17. Born in 1873 in Va.17


Nichath (Nick) married Luther McCann17.


          vi.     Sarah L.17. Born in 1875 in Va.17


Sarah L. married Kyle Cooper17.


         vii.     Andrew J.17. Born in Mar 1880 in Va.17 Buried in Graham Harmon Cem. Russell Co. Va.18




16th Generation



18. Hattie Alley.19,1 Born on 13 Jul 1897.15,14,9 Hattie died on 5 Jun 1942, she was 44.9 Buried in May cem.


Hattie married Charles Kavanaugh Moore, son of Hubbard Kavanaugh Moore & Nancy Victoria Curnutte. Born on 17 Dec 1897.9 Charles Kavanaugh died on 13 Mar 1964, he was 66.9


They had one child:

           i.     Allie Anne (1923-)


19. Angie Alley. Born in 1885 in Virginia. Angie died on 31 Mar 1954, she was 69.


Angie married George W. Rorrer. Born in 1881 in Virginia.


They had the following children:

           i.     Lucy (1903-1969)

          ii.     Charley (1907-1978)

         iii.     Guy (1908-1953)


20. Bertha Alley.1,15,14,10 Born in 1891.1,14,15,9 Bertha died on 26 Jun 1981, she was 90.9


Bertha married Zebulon Slusher Dickerson10,14,15. Born in 1882.10,14,15,9 Zebulon Slusher died in Prestonsburg, Ky. on 18 Mar 1977, he was 95.9


They had the following children:

           i.     Auburn (1909-)

          ii.     Josephine (1911-)

         iii.     Fred (1913-)

          iv.     Richard (1920-)


21. Thomas H. Alley. Born in 1892 in virginia. Thomas H. died in kentucky in 1962, he was 70.


Thomas H. married Virginia Bingham1,10. Born on 25 Jul 1892. Virginia died on 17 Jan 1975, she was 82.


They had the following children:

           i.     Fay (1911-1982)

          ii.     Edith (1913-)


22. Bessie Alley. Born on 16 Dec 1895.10,14,15 Bessie died in Oct 1988, she was 92.


Bessie married Ferdinand G. McGuire, son of Marion McGuire & Cosbia Jane Claypool. Born on 27 Nov 1883. Ferdinand G. died in Oct 1967, he was 83.


They had one child:

           i.     Betty Jane


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   Ann Stephens                     spouse of 11


   Angie                            19

   Bertha                           20

   Bessie                           22

   Charles C.                       child of 15

   Charles W.                       child of 16

   Charles William                  child of 13

   Crockett                         15

   David                            13

   Edith                            child of 21

   Eliza J.                         child of 15

   Elizabeth                        child of 13

   Fay                              child of 21

   George                           child of 16

   Harriett                         child of 14

   Hattie                           18

   Hezekiah                         child of 13

   James                            child of 16

   James Pickett                    child of 15

   James W.                         16

   Jane                             child of 13

   John                             child of 13

   John Wesley                      child of 14

   Joseph                           child of 14

   Leonard                          child of 13

   Mary                             child of 15

   Mary                             child of 13

   Mary L.                          17

   Matilda Sarah                    child of 15

   Nancy                            child of 13

   Sarah                            child of 13

   Thomas H.                        21

   William Asa                      14

Alley Allee

   Ann                              child of 6

   Anne                             child of 11

   Anne                             child of 7

   Austin                           child of 3

   Authur                           child of 7

   Cary                             child of 10

   Christian                        child of 6

   David                            child of 11

   David                            child of 10

   David                            child of 9

   Dorcas                           child of 9

   Edmund/Edward                    child of 9

   Edward                           child of 6

   Elizabeth                        child of 11

   Francis                          6

   Garcia                           child of 6

   Hannah                           child of 11

   Isaiah                           child of 10

   Isham                            child of 10

   Issac                            child of 11

   James L. Sr.                     child of 9

   Jermina                          child of 11

   Jerome                           5

   Jerome                           child of 3

   John H.                          child of 5

   John( Sir John of Wycombe)       1

   Joseph                           child of 11

   Joseph                           child of 10

   Keziah                           child of 11

   Mary                             child of 9

   Merry                            child of 11

   Nicholas                         11

   Nicholas                         child of 11

   Nicholas                         child of 7

   Peter                            child of 3

   Philip                           child of 5

   Vicar Roger                      4

   Roger                            child of 7

   Samuel                           child of 10

   Sarah                            child of 11

   Thomas                           child of 10

   Thomas                           child of 5

   Thomas                           10

   Thomas                           9

   Thomas                           8

   Thomas                           7

   William                          child of 11

   William                          child of 10

   Bishop William                   3

   William                          2

   William Rutter                   child of 7


   John                             child of 12

   Jonathan Buford                  12

   Joseph                           child of 12

   Merrill                          child of 12

   Mildred                          child of 12

   Noah                             child of 12

   Ruth Ann                         child of 12

   William                          child of 12


   Virginia                         spouse of 21


   Sybil                            spouse of 3


   Mary                             spouse of 11


   Auburn                           child of 20

   Fred                             child of 20

   Josephine                        child of 20

   Richard                          child of 20

   Zebulon Slusher                  spouse of 20


   Jane                             spouse of 10


   Sarah                            spouse of 13


   Andrew J.                        child of 17

   Daniel Boone                     spouse of 17

   Doak                             child of 17

   Grover                           child of 17

   Jane (Jennie) Belle              child of 17

   Lydia                            child of 17

   Nichath (Nick)                   child of 17

   Sarah L.                         child of 17


   Angeline                         spouse of 14


   Mary (Seward)                    spouse of 8


   Mildred                          spouse of 12


   Betty Jane                       child of 22

   Ferdinand G.                     spouse of 22


   Allie Anne                       child of 18

   Charles Kavanaugh                spouse of 18


   Viola Josephine                  spouse of 16


   Patsey                           spouse of 15


   Francis                          spouse of 9


   Charley                          child of 19

   George W.                        spouse of 19

   Guy                              child of 19

   Lucy                             child of 19


   Martha                           spouse of 7


   Wealthian                        spouse of 6


   Jane                             spouse of 15