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Some time ago My mother started the genealogy project.
As to my recollection she had contacted Aunt Pat (Patty Batton) to share information
Her and My father have visited Mt Olivet Cemetery with Uncle Leo while he was still alive. To locate burial Markers. Uncle Leo wasn't much help though (Lol)
My Parents went to Bluefield West Virginia about 1997 to search city records. Found some but where really disappointed as to how poorly the genealogy resources where set up.

Website Time Line

Sept 9th 2002 Purchased web space from 247nethosting.com CHEAP. Registered the Domain Name www.thejankowskifamily.com

Sept 10th and 11th 2002 Trouble getting FP extensions to work. but up and running with a generic Webpage.

Sept 15th 2002 Uploaded my first Genealogy web pages using a Free GEDCOM program from Great Family 1.1 - FREEWARE Liked it and am using it in the Sub web Family Tree page. Only created semi correct pages for trial.

Sept 16th 2002 Started to get into searching databases online and verifying information.

Oct 2nd 2002  Changed to a Sub Web design so that Genealogy pages could be updated separately from the main web pages.

Oct 2nd 2002  See Terri Sullivan's Post on message board and contacted her through Aunt Patty.

Oct 12th 2002 Found Michael Jankowski We is sending information for Joseph Jankowski (Found out he was born in Gillespie VA. )

Oct 29th 2002 Sandy Childress contacted me She is the Grand Daughter of Nannie Bell Anderson's Sister Great information as we never knew Nannie had any sisters.

Nov 01 2002 Flint genealogy society has plans for after research at the Flint Public Library. Going with Mom to see what we can find. Going to be concentrating on Anderson McCloud Marshall Lines.
Sandy Childress is on her way to Pearisburg to search for more information on some of her side of the family.

Nov 04 2002 Sandy Childress sent me this first of many pictures of Nannie Bell Anderson, Elizabeth K McCloud and Howard McCloud.

Nov 11 2002 My Father's Cousin Mike Jankowski Sent us Pictures of My Grandfather Theodore Joseph Jankowski when he was young. Before and after he married Margaret Marshall

Nov 29th 2002 Decided to start a tombstone project on this website for all family tombstones.

Dec 8th 2002 Contacted Carol DeKeland she has been correcting some of the Sullivan and McDermott information on my website and also giving me dates so I can copy information from the Old Newspapers and post them online.

Dec 16th 2002 Convinced Laura My McCloud Contact that Her Enos B McCloud was our Family's Enos B McCloud.  Although we still do not have Physical Evidence as some of the evidence is contradictory yet it could also be inaccurate.  She also sent Pictures of Enos Which bear a Striking Resemblance to Elizabeth (Betty) McCloud as a Child.  Check out the Family Photos.

Dec 17th 2002 Added the McCloud Information to the Family Tree.  Which is to be taken as a strong possibility until we have some definite connection.

Dec 18th 2002 Laura Erwin sent me Pictures of Enos, William and George McCloud.  Now there is NO DOUBT!! that we have found the correct family.  As if you take a look at the Family pictures for McCloud I'm sure you will see the family resemblance.

Dec 31st 2002 Lori Eggert contacted me had found the website while searching online .  I love this internet.  She has sent me some information that I had not previously had and I have updated the website with it.  I look forward to a long relationship with her.  Thanks Lori.

Jan 24 2003 Received a bunch of Interment card copies from Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus Ohio. Add them to the site on the 27th.

Jan 25 2003 Received records -Special thanks to Duane Shaul manager at Schoedinger Mid Town Chapel Columbus Ohio. He looked up all the very old records for the McClouds buried by his Funeral Home back in the 1920's.  That information was a great addition to this website and those McClouds on William Bellar McCloud's side of the family. They now have new documents that they never had before. His Brother Enos is "My Side" who was not buried by them. (Denton-Donaldson-Hughes who is out of business)

Mar 02 2003 I received an email kind of out of the blue.  I don't remember sending one but I'm pretty sure it was from a message board post on ancestry. Frank Benjamin sent me some information from the book by Gloria Wall Bicha - The Benjamin Family in America. He is going to try to make some copies of the pertinent pages for me.  I am also going to see if the Library here in Flint has a copy of this book. Just from the information he gave me. We are now found in one branch of the family back to 1585.  Outstanding!

March 20, 2003  I found Kevin DeFreest who lives in New Jersey who has researched the family and has information on many more family lines and researched farther back than I have been able to get on my own.  I called him and had a great chat about our family.  I will be adding his information for many days after this.  http://www.defreest.com/ is his homepage and he has alot of information about them.

April  2003  After fighting with our server host I gave up and on April 29th I purchased and uploaded a back up copy of my website on this server,  We are now hosted by http://www.micronhosting,com They seem to be better setup and where cheap enough for me to afford.  I gave up on my prior host.

August 2006 Again, it's hard to find a good host. So Now I own the management of this server. My Main system at home is lost also. So it is going to be awhile before i get the whole website correct.

August 2009 There may be some new issues. I had to delete the whole website from Godaddy. I switched at some point and stuff got all messed up. But I plan on watching this site more carefully now.