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Presov and Svidnik are in the NE Slovakia. Slovakia was a
part of former Czechoslovakia from 1918 till 1993. At present it is
an independent country in Europe.


The Czech Republic


In past, Slovakia was a historical land in Europe. In the 10th
century, for example, its substantial part (west Slovakia + middle
Slovakia), together with Moravia, was the area of the Great Moravian
Empire. Later Slovakia was a part of the Hungarian kingdom. Its area
was called, oficially, Upper Hungary (not Slovakia). Then Hungary,
included Slovakia, became a part of the Austrian Empire. This empire
was called the Austro – Hungarian Empire / Monarchy since 1860
or so.

Austro – Hungarian Empire got lost in 1918. The lands of Czech
crown, i.e. Bohemia and Moravia, together with the people living in
the historical land of Slovakia created the republic of
Czechoslovakia (CZECH lands + SLOVAKIA).

In 1938 Hilter annexed Czech lands, and Slovakia became his ally.
Some Slovak troops fought again Russia (the U.S.S.R) in the World
War II. The Slovaks say they were independent during the war. This
might be the reason why the U.S.S.R. annexed a part of former
Czechoslovakia after the war. The annexed area has been in Ukraine
since 1945.