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This site contains a genealogy website within.  Please be patient as it is always changing. 

Sorry I removed the guestbook. Please just contact me instead.

If you want to view just the Family Tree. Click on the Family Tree button on your Left and your on your way.

All my Research I have collected is on the  Doc's & Ref's page. Documentation of family information is available online and also copies that I have are available for downloading.

Discussions  Is a page That I use and you can also for posting information that may or may not be provable.  It allows for adding information that can be used for further research and reference.

Check out my New Photo Album It may take a while to load .  But shouldn't be too bad.  Click on the pictures to see them enlarged. This is my favorite section.  Here I have pictures that portions of the family have never seen before they where acquired and then posted by me.  (see timeline for credits of who sent them)

Family Members become a Member of this site.  Just send me an Email with your Name and information you would like me to make available. I would also like personal contact information.  This can be kept private by Clarifying what information I can post.  I can also set you up with your own personal Email address with the  I will automate this once I figure out how.

Time Line I will be filling in as a Log from time to time.  Check it out as it changes.

Want to find something on my site fast. Try the Search. It works pretty good. 

Also you may want to get involved in helping build this site.  Just ask.  There's Plenty to do.



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Dear Visitors,

If you like what you see and would like to do something similar to this or just have a website to make your information available so others can see if they are related to you.  Let me know I can get you started with a Website and address for as little as 50.00 for a year.  for at least two years.  That's if you want manage the website yourself.  I can even build the site for you on an hourly or by the job basis just let me know. 

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Although I haven't done much with that one It's a copy of an OLD website I made in 1995. So it needs a lot of work.